maraudirs whispered:

“i love it so much that you can just move every single post on your theme, it's so cool”

yeah omg i keep forgetting about that but i love that feature djsfkdjf

are you kidding me…


A Pair of Leather Clogs, 1888

Vincent van Gogh

You have your Odin and I have mine.


Details of tilework, Gurgi Mosque, Tripoli, Libya, ca. 1834


Maison Martin Margiela Héritage Fine Jewellery Collection


Merijn Koelink

ah it’s good that you enjoyed the break <3 and yay you’re back! yeah i’m doing fine, just enjoying the last days of my holiday :) how have you been?

arawen whispered:

“When I see your url, Ari ... I think of a person who I really miss because haven't spoken with whom from a really long time; a person who's so talented and has such an amazing style; a blogger who has the best themes and most original posts; a girl with an amazing personality, so funny and generous. I just think you're the best person I've met here! <3”

omg KONSTANCA I HAVEN’T SEEN YOU IN AGES hi i’ve missed you ksdjkdjf and thank you so much wow, you’re too sweet <33 

what’s my reputation/what do you think when you see my url?